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The Highway Department did repairs to the bridge approaches at Ellicott Creek.

The repairs were designed lessen the angle of approach to the bridge for better accessibility.

Bridge Repair

Arbor Day at Amherst State Park 4/20/2013

Boy Scouts gather at the Memorial after planting trees in honor of Arbor Day.

North Fence Garden Enrichment

Arbor Day 2013

The North Fence Garden begins to bloom.

Part of shade garden area with new compost.

Fresh compost is down.

Volunteers spread compost on North Garden

Bob breaks up clumps of compost.    

    The Amherst Highway Department delivered 85 yards of compost. This compost was spread by volunteers on June 6th and 7th 2013, to enrich the North Fence gardens.

Volunteers get every bit of compost

Front Garden

Fall Chrysanthemum Planting

  With all the rain this spring and summer, the flowers were gorgeous.

Carol Rogers from New York Parks led an Owl Prowl at Amherst State Park on Friday August 2, 2013 from 8PM to 9:30PM. We had over forty people show up for this event. This was a free activity.This is a first for Amherst State Park and the type of event we hope to encourage.

Owl Prowl at Amherst State Park

This past August 1, a large group of employees from the Yahoo Company (yes, THAT Yahoo) came to Amherst State Park to help in any way they could. Half the group worked in the orchard area marking young trees planted last year so they didn't get mowed down. Then they came to the entrance area of the park where the front gardens were thoroughly weeded and beautifully edged. Kim Weber, an Arboretum volunteer, led half the group to the west side of Ellicott Creek where they cleaned up several bags of trash including a rotting canoe in the creek. Six hours later the group was tired but still smiling. The work they did was fantastic and I can't say THANK YOU enough times. Based on what was accomplished, the Yahoo Corporation has some very excellent hard working employees.

Yahoo Employees Clean Up at the Park

2013 Activities at Amherst State Park

Lois and Jerry planted some beautiful chrysanthemums but the dryness and heat was hard on them.

The gardens really looked good this summer.

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