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    Amherst State Park is a small park in Erie County, New York. The park is partially in the Village of Williamsville with the balance located in the Town of Amherst on land formerly belonging to The Sisters of St. Francis. The St. Mary of the Angels Mother House, built in Gothic Revival style, overlooks the Park. The park is northeast of Buffalo, New York.

    Nature trails are available for the general public.

    Amherst State Park includes approximately 77 acres of State-owned land and approximately 3 acres of Town-owned land in the Town of Amherst, Erie County, New York. It is located directly north of the Village of Williamsville between Glen Avenue and Sheridan Drive. The property represents a significant area of public open space within an area that is largely developed for residential, commercial, educational, institutional and private uses. The highlight of the park is Ellicott Creek, which bisects the main area of the property. In fact, a majority of the park property (approximately 70%) falls within the 100-year floodplain of the creek. The property also features wooded areas, meadows, old orchards and formally landscaped grounds. The former Reist Mill, a locally designated historic structure, was located within the park adjacent to Reist Street. The park is currently used for family and small group picnicking, bird watching, fishing, walking, jogging, dog walking and a variety of other passive recreational activities. The main access point is at 400 Mill Street in Amherst.

  Map of Amherst State Park

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Amherst State Park

Note: New York State Park rules and the Amherst Town Ordinance require all dogs within the park to be leashed at all times. Park visitors are asked to please clean up after their dogs.

    Paw Park in Amherst is located at 500 Smith Road, just east of New Road. The park includes a fenced-in, dedicated area that allows dogs to run free off leash and socialize while not infringing on the activities of joggers, cyclists, and other park users.

Please keep your dog on a leash when in the park. Unleashed dogs are not allowed in the park.

A Frosty Morning at the Park.

Town of Amherst Veterans’ Memorial

Dedication, December 7, 2011

Dedication Ceremony 12/7/2011events.html
Town Announcement about Dedicationvmnews.html

   If you are interested in having a loved one’s name placed on the wall, purchasing a memory tree or bench, becoming a sponsor or making a donation for the memorial, please contact the Town of Amherst Supervisor’s office at 631-7032.

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Millstone Garden Project

    The arboretum committee is searching for a millstone that can be permanently on display at Amherst State Park. The millstone will be a of a small garden, “The Millstone Garden” and will have an informational plaque along with a donation acknowledgement plaque. If you can help us find one, please contact Lois at Thanks

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