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These are some photos from the volunteer work done at the park today, April 20, 2012, by Seimens Industries volunteers. They really got a lot done for the Arboretum. In addition to planting 14 crab apple and black cheery trees in the orchard, they cleaned up the area along the north fence and removed winter debris, and then weeded the front gardens. Very hard workers!

Seimens tree planting

    On April 12, 2012 at  10:30 am, a truck from the N.Y.S. Fish Hatchery at Caledonia, New York came to Amherst State Park with about 1000 8 to 10 inch Rainbow Trout to stock in Ellicott Creek . 500 Rainbow Trout were stocked from the Glen Avenue bridge and another 500 were dumped into the creek near the bridge in the middle of the park.

Spring Flowers and Beaver at Work

The entire group of volunteers.

Ready, set, work!

Siemens volunteers get ready to plant the trees.

Trees potted and ready for transport

to the park.

Digging out the black cherry and crab apple trees donated

by Bob Collins. Trees will be planted in the orchard area.

Rainbow Trout Stocking

The tiny Tete-a-tetes made an early spring border

along the Entrance Gardens.

The yellow Tete-a-tetes and the purple windflowers made a colorful border along the front gardens.

Flowering trees, low growing shrubs

and ground covers will be planted.

This area is scheduled for landscaping this summer.

The daffodils added such a welcome

to the park.

    Beautiful big daffodil bulbs were donated to the Arboretum by the Sisters of St. Francis last fall. They were in appreciation for all the work the volunteers have done to beautify the park. The bulbs were planted in front of the north fence area, recently cleared by the Amherst Highway Department.

Beavers are a protected animal in New York State.

Beavers are back at work.

This is one huge tree that has been

girdled by a beaver.

A tree felled by beavers.

These two trees were removed by the highway department along with a few

others for safety reasons.

Weeding and Cleaning up the front gardens!

North Fence Garden Tree Planting

Eagle Scout Project

    These are some photos taken on May 31, 2012. Town of Amherst workers used two trucks to pick up Trees, Evergreens and flowering shrubs from an Amherst nursery which the Town on Amherst purchased for the Arboretum. About 12 town employees brought a lot of heavy equipment which they used on the area to dig holes and move the large trees.  They worked really hard and did a great job.

    These photos volunteers moving and spreading 75 cubic yards of compost along the 400+foot long north fence entrance road, and the volunteers finished the project in seven hours. They worked together Friday evening and Saturday morning, June 29 and June 30 and got the job done.

    It is amazing what the energetic, dedicated and hard working volunteers accomplished.

    I want to express my heartfelt thanks to these volunteers who gave so generously of their time to help The Arboretum project, Including Y.E.S. students Emma Schapp, Robert Schapp, Felix Chin, Calista Athans, Gina Nasca, Sernaj Fayyaz, and Y.E.S.  staff member Jean Neff.

    Many Thanks also to Karen Eckert, Michael Procknel, Jerry Wochadlo, Lee Clukey, Mary Ellen Marlette, Piotr Gajwka, Pete Warn, Bob Collins, Joanne Padlog, Cara Padlog, Norma Henderson, Bob Henderson, Kim Weber, Laura Weber, Michelle Ballaro, Emilee Ballaro, Pam Kracker and Billy Kracker.

North Fence Garden Compost

    At 9:00 AM on Tuesday September 18th, four employees from the Amherst Eastern Mountain Sports store met with Lois at Amherst State Park to plant 36 blue spruce trees donated by the Oboz Shoe Company as part of the Oboz “One More Tree” promotion.

In addition to 10 seedlings donated by Eastern Mountain Sports, each customer trying on a pair of Oboz shoes was offered a Blue Spruce seedling tree to plant or donate to Amherst State Park. Many customers chose to donate their tree to the park.

Although it was a rainy, dreary day we all had fun. Many thanks to EMS volunteers John, Alex, Nick and Debbie, who came to the park and planted the trees.

 EMS “One More Tree”  Photo Albumgallery/Pages/EMS_%22One_More_Tree%22.html
 Trout Stocking 2012 Photo Album go heregallery/Pages/Trout_Stocking_2012.html

Eastern Mountain Sports - “One More Tree”

2012 Activities at Amherst State Park

Eagle Scout Candidate, Chris Veress had proposed to build an information kiosk, four benches and do some cleanup around the gazebo foundation at Amherst State park.

He installed the first post for the kiosk last saturday and came back on November 3 rd, to finish his project. When he arrived, he found that somebody had stolen the stumps (middle picture below) that were delivered by the Town of Amherst Highway Department. Chris and his volunteers were very upset about the missing stumps which has put this project in jeopardy of being finished on time.

Chris Veress (with gray hoodie) and his volunteers work on his project doing the cleanup and installing the second post for the kiosk.  It was only 39 degrees this morning.